1.Respecting the “produit (product)”
Not only do we purchase the highest quality of product but we also focus on its condition when served to our guests.

2.Pursuing “cuisson(cooking process)”
After the quest for fine quality raw materials, once again we need to have a thorough understanding of the actual cooking process without conforming to standard culinary practices.

3.Attention to detail in “assaisonné(the seasoning process)”
Sauces found in classic French cuisine are usually “a rich blend of tastes”, therefore often masking the original and natural flavors of the ingredient . We believe that the subtle ways in which salt, for example, is used in cooking and seasoning ingredients in Japanese cuisine is an important technique which tends to be overlooked in French cookery. Not that we prefer “light seasoning” which is the culinary trend nowadays. We just believe that the approach to respecting traditional methods should change as the food and the lifestyle of people who consume the food change. Food culture should move forward as human development evolves. Highlighting those intricate flavors in high quality material through appropriate seasoning is what I intend to accomplish.